Agile moderation

What has changed?

We all know it: The meeting or the project discussions produce frustrated participants and hardly usable insights, one has the feeling of wasted time afterwards. You go around in circles, communicate around and miss the actual goal. In the agile context, however, it is a matter of flexibility under time and success pressure with complex, usually interdisciplinary questions. 

What is the core issue?

With "Agile Moderation" to efficient, dynamic and professional meetings in the sense of the agile organization concept. 

What is the benefit for you?

Through Agile Facilitation, you will be able to confidently use formats and techniques of agile facilitation in practice and activate the agile mindset of the group and produce results.


"Agile Moderation" is the solution to efficient, dynamic and professional meetings in the sense of the agile organizational concept. Because more than ever, it is about flexibility under time and success pressure with complex, mostly interdisciplinary issues. Sustainable and viable solutions can usually only emerge when ideas are iteratively generated, integrated and committed from divergent perspectives and expertise.

This know-how is indispensable for project managers, team moderators, Scrum masters and managers who moderate meetings and want to get an overview of methods and formats of agile moderation in the VUCA world in order to achieve constructive results.

We offer "Agile Moderation" as an open or in-house training/workshop, also adapted to the individual needs of your company and your employees.

Your benefit:

You know the basics of the role of the facilitator in the agile environment.
You will know and experience the necessary mindset, formats and techniques of agile facilitation.
You can confidently use the essential agile formats in practice.
You can beneficially moderate retrospectives of sprints and projects.

Possible seminar contents:

Moderate a meeting/workshop:

Basics of moderation: classic versus agile. Requirements for the role of the moderator in the VUKA world. Living, communicating and committing agile values. The agile moderation process with Deming Cycle.

The goal-agile moderation - what is it?

Agile and yet goal-oriented. Working in iterations. Creating the agile atmosphere. Focusing and timeboxing.

Formats for the start-up atmosphere:
Hash tagging. Flash. Milling. Line-Up.

Formats for brainstorming:
Walt Disney, 635 and 1-2-4-All.

Formats for discussion and sharing:
Lean Coffee and Fishbowl. The large group format "World Cafe" in practice.

Formats for evaluation and decision:
Estimate Game, Poker and other Liberating Structures methods.

Formats to wrap up:
Mood barometer, debriefing and happiness board. Moderate sprint reviews and retros. Post Morten Moderation.

Seminar Methodology:
Preread with preparation task of the participants, impulses and nuggets, group work, participant moderation with feedback and feedback forward. Agile project work after iterative moderation process in partial sequences moderated by the participants with lessons learned and debriefing, practical tips and recommendations.