Successful, assertive and authentic with the strengths of a woman

A training for female consultants, project managers and female executives.

"If we don't open up and value the talent pool of women, we will have massive problems. There will not only be a shortage of experts, but also of managers." Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the German Bundestag, former Board Member for Human Resources at Deutsche Telekom.

Women are on the move as project managers, consultants or executives in strongly male-dominated business cultures - whether in manufacturing, IT or logistics. They are highly educated, take on responsibility and do outstanding work. At the same time, they often stumble over their need for acceptance and harmony. Men sometimes see them as strong competitors, sometimes underestimate their expertise and judgment.
How can women more effectively contribute and represent their expertise and ideas to male customers and colleagues in collaboration, meetings and presentations? In the training, we examine our own images of men and women and reflect on typical female and male communication patterns. We experience how our own appearance in meetings and conversations affects others and try out new ways of behaving in order to stand our ground even in tricky situations.

The focus is on these contents:

  • Typically male - typically female: fiction or reality?
  • Own role images and role expectations of men and women
  • Male and female communication behavior - frequently observed differences
  • Women in the male domain: challenges and opportunities
  • Body language and manner of speaking - signaling determination and competence
  • Quick-wittedness - meeting male dominance in business with standing
  • Networking: creating successful working relationships as a woman in male-dominated environments with confidence


We are not only targeting women who are planning a management career. Female employees and team members can also benefit enormously. And even women who are about to be promoted or are already managers can take away a lot for themselves.