Intercultural competencies

We see the strengthening of intercultural competencies as an important stepping stone towards a lived naturalness and normality of "diversity", in our private as well as professional world.

Companies today are dealing with increasing complexity and diversity. They operate in a dynamic, often international and multicultural environment. In changing societies, it is necessary to internationalize processes, to manage at a distance and across borders, and to set up diverse and performance-oriented teams. In order to be successful as a company on the local as well as the global market, a high degree of intercultural competence of the people in the company helps. Accepting diversity - including cultural diversity - as a resource, valuing it and deriving synergies from it is a credo for success these days.

Global business activities require a high degree of intercultural competence - special management and leadership skills as well as globally adapted strategies and processes.

Through goal-oriented and solution-focused intercultural consulting, coaching and training, we support your strategies and processes and accompany your employees in this learning and development process:

  • Recognize! Intercultural challenges and opportunities
  • Appreciate! Competent encounter at eye level
  • Trust! Building intercultural relationships
  • Optimize! Synergy potentials through strengths and capabilities
  • Strengths! Decision making in an intercultural context
  • Cultural complexity can be understood and mastered
  • Understanding! Cultural complexity
  • Increase! Intercultural action competence

The following graphic shows a range of services that could be of interest to you in this context:

We are happy to support you in training and accompanying the intercultural competencies of your employees and managers.

You are welcome to contact us with these concerns as well:

  • Finding foreign employees and retaining them in the long term as part of an effective recruiting strategy.
  • To successfully integrate international employees into the company within the framework of a sound onboarding concept.
  • To increase the attractiveness of your company as an employer within the framework of an employer branding concept.
  • Significantly reduce the dropout rate for assignments as part of a clear assignment and return strategy by increasing employee satisfaction

We are convinced that learning and developing intercultural competence as well as the acceptance and appreciation of diversity - in terms of intercultural, multigenerational, interdisciplinary and cross-gender collaboration - is an important stepping stone for personal as well as corporate success. Let's approach diversity together as a resource for successful transformation.