Johannes Penzkofer


Johannes Penzkofer has been a management consultant, coach and managing director for Stöger & Partner since 2011. Prior to that, he worked for more than 15 years in well-known international IT companies and startups as a sales director and managing director and thus brings a wealth of practical and implementation experience with him. Internationally and interculturally, he gained intensive experience in the USA, UK, Russia and Spain.

His main areas of work at Stöger & Partner - in addition to management and operational responsibility - are organizational development, sales optimization, business model development as well as support and consulting for start-ups.

Johannes Penzkofer is an open-minded, very curious person and always open to new, exciting developments and opportunities. He is particularly interested in complex and interconnected issues. He transfers this enthusiasm to the coachee in order to motivate and accompany him out of his comfort zone and towards solutions. His way of working is characterized by the fact that he puts his heart and soul into the coachee and approaches the problem to be solved individually. He likes to convey rational facts through his figurative language and thus ensures a quick and high level of understanding among his interlocutors.

Education/strengthening of Agile Mind-Set in companies and the Agile transformation of companies are topics Johannes Penzkofer is passionate and almost a bit missionary about in these times.