Business-NLP in der VUCA-Welt

Brief overview

Neurolinguistic Programming is based on the insights of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The subject of this is the analysis of how our patterns - our "programming" - influence our interactions and speech patterns and how we can change and develop these seemingly fixed programs in order to be able to act quickly and positively, especially in the changing challenges of an agile world.

What has changed?

Old "patterns" and structures have largely become obsolete - we are challenged to adapt faster and more flexibly to new, unprecedented circumstances - Covid19 has shown this impressively. Today, we are fit for the future if we can react quickly to paradigm shifts and adapt and expand our excellent skills and competencies in order to act quickly and precisely in the market.

What is the core issue?

In essence, it is about recognizing one's own patterns/programs, expanding and deepening the useful ones, changing limiting ones or replacing them with more effective ones. The goal is personal development in order to make better use of available abilities and skills, to push boundaries and to reach a higher level of development. This is of eminent importance especially for executives, entrepreneurs and people with personnel responsibility. So too for every individual in a diverse work environment.

What is the benefit for you?

Your benefit from our Business NLP offer is your personal development with a focus on strengthening your agile mindset. You are a role model for employees, colleagues and partners. You are the linchpin for recognizing paradigm shifts, gradual as well as rapid changes, possibilities and opportunities for you personally as well as for your company. What changes? Your perception, your mindset, your approach!

Business NLP as a behavioral evolution causes a permanent and fast readiness for change and adaptation to the needs in the VUKA world, so that agility becomes a lived reality. We recommend our agile business NLP training approach to those people who want to develop their self-confidence, convince people, live change, steer development and make their company fit for a constantly changing present and future.

Do you need further training for this? You have certainly already experienced dozens of seminars and workshops and are familiar with many different tools and methods. Hand on heart: how much of this do you
on? Which of these have you internalized? You have been communicating and leading for decades, and you know that your way of thinking and acting naturally makes you successful. However, how successful are you really? How well can you actually communicate/motivate when the person you are talking to is not making it easy for you? And how resilient are you in dealing with changes in business systems? How agile are you in your thinking and actions? You will learn tools, strategies and a mental mindset to stay competitive and resilient today and tomorrow.

Business NLP is primarily concerned with the application of tools and techniques of NLP in a business context, which means that the mindsets target three intelligences:

1. cognitive thinking
2. the somatic mind
3. the field thinking

Field thinking is particularly required in the VUCA world. VUCA is an acronym and stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambivalence. It stands for a state of change and uncertainty that shapes our present and future. VUCA thus stands for the dynamics in digital and globalized markets and is often perceived as a threat if we leave employees alone with it. It means constant change and unrest. Employees and also managers in companies react to the VUCA phenomenon with different behaviors.

What do we deal with in training:

  • Centering
  • Inner Game and the Inner "Zone of Excellence
  • Generative Change
  • Dealing with difficult feelings - especially in Covid19 times
  • Overcoming blocking beliefs through Belief-Bridges
  • Techniques to promote collective intelligence and generative collaboration.
  • Imagineering and Genius Strategies
  • Re-Imprinting

We live these values in our agile business NLP approach:

  • Constructivism
  • Congruence & Sustainability
  • Resource orientation
  • Mind-Body Linkage
  • Communication
  • Generativity & Empowerment
  • Connection & Relationship
  • Sense & Transformation

You want communication to be "in the flow" and successful, to be on the same wavelength as your counterpart and to quickly establish a good rapport with your discussion and negotiation partner. Regardless of whether the chemistry is right at first sight. And you observe that, although you try to do things differently, you still fall back into old and familiar patterns from time to time? Do you know the feeling of being stuck in the problem mindset instead of being goal and solution focused moving forward? Gain new perspectives, expand your skills, train your specific abilities to perfection, learn to act faster and more flexibly.

Our training:

The NLP Basic Training:

This includes the most important basics and tools for conscious, strategic and winning communication in everyday business. You will gain insight into how your brain works and how you influence yourself through your choice of language.

In the basic training, you will learn at least seven practical, applicable tips on how to improve your communication. You will learn how to reach even difficult interlocutors well and efficiently and win them over. You will expand your perception and your language and consciously vary them in a situational and agile way, thus achieving positive results.

The NLP Business Practitioner Training:

Module 1 - Leading Yourself (and Others) in an Agile Way You will learn self-coaching and management techniques to effectively activate personal resources in yourself and others to safely achieve goals, especially under new and expanded conditions - such as Covid19 - Innergaming- Zone of Excellence - Centering - Imagineering.

Module 2 - Neurology of Resourceful Action You will gain insight into your success and failure strategies (patterns) and identify your development levers to target your strengths and reduce potential self-sabotage traps - especially Generative Change - ReImprinting.

Module 3 - Generative Change Processes By changing limiting beliefs and using NLP's negotiation, conflict resolution and reframing approaches, you will increase the possibilities for your long-term personal change - especially in dealing with difficult emotional situations - such as the threats posed by Covid19.

Module 4 - Effect and Power of Language in the Agile Environment You will experience and reflect on the effect of your thought processes at the level of language patterns. You will use your language in an ethically powerful way to achieve desired outcomes, especially with the integration of persuasion strategies and generativity.

Module 5 - Turning Vision into Reality You will achieve sustainable change on a conscious and unconscious level and come significantly closer to your high-performance goals in your life contexts, especially using the Genius Strategies.