Personal standing

Living the "agile mindset" reliably and assertively requires personal standing on the part of your colleagues. Showing backbone, assertiveness, steadfastness - these are qualities that are more important than ever in today's changing, complex and agile business. If you want to be successful, you have to be able not only to express your opinions and convictions clearly, but also to stand up for them, defend them vigorously and achieve your goals flexibly.

 Possible objective of a training / coaching for employees:

  • You will be empowered to "stand up to" and stand up to fair confrontations where this makes sense in order to be personally convincing. You will learn to set boundaries and also to say "no".
  • Using interactive exercises and presentations, you will work specifically on body language, inner posture of steadfastness and standing rhetoric.


Possible content:

  • Steadfastness, assertiveness and standing
  • Clearly represent own ideas and approaches
  • Cooperation versus confrontation: When does what make sense?
  • Dealing with own & others emotionality
  • Set boundaries
  • Standing Repertoire and Speech Thinking Rhetoric.
  • React flexibly and professionally in critical situations
  • Exercises and role plays / video use


Potential Methodology:

  • Delimitation and sensitization exercises, perception training, feedback, behavioral therapy approaches, individual coaching elements, trainer impulses, learning partner work, interaction tasks.
  • A "standing" seminar is primarily behavior-oriented. Each participant gets the chance to practice on personal situations.