Strengthen strengths

Living an "agile mindset" confidently and strongly requires being aware of one's strengths and talents, as well as one's weaknesses. Also being willing and able to continuously build on one's personal strengths and promote one's own talents.

Each person's talents and strengths are unique. It makes sense to focus on this rather than trying to squeeze people into a mold. The key to each person's growth lies in their greatest strengths. That's why it's so important to align training and qualification accordingly, so that employees are trained in their strengths and they learn to build on those strengths.

"Make the most of yourself, because that's all you have!"

Therefore, these questions and considerations should be in our personal focus: How does my success come about? Which of my strengths help me in business? Which private strengths can I use for my job? Do I know my strengths at all? If you know this, you can consciously use strength patterns and successful behaviors and develop them accordingly. Because weakening weaknesses does not make you strong!

Possible objective of a training / coaching for employees:

  • You systematically recognize and experience your personal strengths.
  • You will learn how to promote and make the most of these strengths.
  • You can deal with your weaknesses more calmly instead of trying to "eradicate" them.
  • In this way, you can act more success-oriented and confidently overall.
  • You consistently follow the steps that improve your own personal success dynamics.


Possible content:

  • Individual strengths profile & strengths analysis
  • Strengths, talents, gifts?
  • Resource orientation instead of troubleshooting
  • Strengthening strengths instead of reducing weaknesses
  • Reassess weaknesses
  • Strength building and self-marketing
  • Self-esteem and beliefs


Potential Methodology:

A seminar is primarily based on the individual behavior of the participants. Before the seminar, participants receive important preparatory materials (checklists, questionnaires, character strength test from the University of Zurich). The results of these are processed in the seminar.