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Systemic and networked thinking and acting (tbd)

1. October - 21. November

Most people already come up against their personal limits in overseeing the dynamic interaction of influencing variables at around four to six. In dealing with systemic and networked thinking, we leave the spheres of linear, subject-specific and selective thinking and turn to the complex, global, systemic and networked contexts and interactions. Systemic and networked thinking is thinking in - larger, more complex - contexts and thus more focused on developments and less on states.

Networked thinking means leaving the thought patterns of direct cause-effect relationships and going new ways. A cause can have several effects, several causes can have an effect on the same variable. There are feedbacks between effects and causes. In the case of complex requirements, it is crucial to take all relevant information into account, to maintain an overview and to make full use of one's own room for maneuver. However, it is precisely a characteristic feature of complex issues that not all information is usually available, but rather some of it lies in the unknown. This is a new challenge! Therefore, there are no best practices here, but it requires decision courage to deal with emergent practices.

In everyday business, it is a matter of grasping complex interrelationships, evaluating them in iterations, and making decisions - as far as possible thoughtfully - with trained intuition.

In our VUCA world with its dynamic systems, this ability is thus becoming a key competence for making reflective, goal-oriented and successful decisions under time pressure and despite complex situations.

The following questions are the focus of learning, reflection, and practice among participants:

  • What is systemic, cross-functional thinking?
  • What are the hurdles to networked thinking?
  • How can we recognize complex relationships as an interconnected system?
  • How can we gain an overview and orientation in the uncertainty of complex situations?
  • How can we make informed decisions with adequate information density and trained intuition?
  • How can we manage complex problems?
  • What decision tools do we have at our disposal?


Training topics include these:

  • Complexity, biocybernetics and systems
  • Systemic thinking for times of change
  • The logic of failure - the six thinking errors
  • Understanding system action - understanding, mapping and appropriately reducing complexity
  • Systemic questioning - away from the problem and towards the solution
  • Dealing with uncertainty: absorption
  • Basis of the solution management
  • System(at)ic problem solving process
  • Intuitive decision heuristics
  • Decision-making methods: Our toolbox
  • Transfer exercises, real case discussions, peer groups, self- and group reflections


Your training schedule / dates:

You start with a 2-day face-to-face training in einem Tagungshotel gehobener Kategorie im Raum München. Aus diesem Training nehmen Sie eine Transfer task and will present them about 14 days later in a half-day remote workshop work on and reflect on with your trainer in your training group.

  • 2-day face-to-face training: tbd, 09.00 - 18.00 .
  • 0.5-day remote workshop: tbd, 09:00 - 13:00


Number of participants: maximum 10 people per seminar

Your Trainer: Tanja Frei

Investment: € 1.590,- plus VAT including the 2-day conference package at the hotel

The terms and conditions of Stöger-Partner für Denken und Handeln für Morgen GmbH apply.
If you have any questions or requests, you can reach us personally at Tel. 089 / 890 8332-30 or buero@stoegerpartner.de.


To the temination: You are interested in the training? Then please register with us via the button below as an interested party. As soon as we have reached a minimum number of participants, we will schedule the training TOGETHER WITH YOU and realize it as soon as possible.


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1. October
21. November

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