Sales in an Agile Environment

Brief overview

Agility in sales holds enormous potential for improving customer relationships and sales success. It enables us to respond better to changing market situations, increase our chances of cold calling, win more business from existing customers, and exploit new (digital) sales opportunities. Agile sales requires the courage to break new ground before tried-and-tested sales concepts are no longer a guarantee of success for the company. The goal of our learning support in the field of "Sales" in consulting, coaching and training is to sensitize our coachees to this and to sharpen their competence in really understanding their customers with their concerns and wishes, to meet them in a cooperative and appreciative manner and to work together on "ideal" solutions. We also support them in feeding this back into the organization and in finding a voice for the agile changes.

What has changed?

Products and services are becoming more and more similar - what makes the difference? For us, it is the people - the personalities - who stand behind the services and products and represent them to the customers. Hardly any employee in your company maintains closer contact with customers than your sales staff. They have a lot of industry-specific knowledge. However, the value of this knowledge has too often been overlooked or not utilized: Who your customers are, what they expect from a product, when they need it and how they use it - all this is valuable information for best practices, further development of products and services and also for innovations in the company.

It is therefore a matter of sharpening and developing competencies in the sales personality as well as dovetailing with internal processes and the agile planning of products and services.

What is the core issue?

Purchasing behavior is not a static variable, but is subject to trends and constant change. Digitalization is also making its contribution to this. Companies that want to sell their products and services today not only have to meet the buying behavior of their target customers, but sales must often also react in parallel to an increasingly dynamic market environment. In many industries, the number of competitors is also growing and the cycles in which new products are launched on the market are becoming shorter and shorter. At the same time, transparency is increasing for customers in the acquisition of offers. This no longer applies only to the B2C segment, but now also to the B2B segment. If companies can better understand the needs of their customers and react quickly and flexibly (agilely) to the changing situation, they will gain a decisive competitive advantage. If they fail to do so, their sales opportunities diminish and there is a risk that they will even lose orders to the competition in the long term.

What is the benefit for you?

Agility in sales helps companies and sales staff to adapt to their customers and to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market. And we know from evolutionary research that it is not the fastest, biggest or strongest that survive. But the most adaptable.

Together and aligned with the needs of your sales team and your company, we plan and implement a further development program / package of measures to optimize and agilize the individual sales competencies. The offer ranges from the agile sales strategy, structuring of the sales team, introduction of agile tools and methods in sales, to training offers that bring you the optimal cost-benefit ratio between investment and success.

Presentation of possible sales training

"Sales Efficiency" is the name of the workshop that will help you - to build up customer relationships faster, more efficiently and in a more targeted manner - to maintain them and to successfully close business.

Agile sales requires the right solution that allows customers to act more efficiently, dynamically and quickly, so that their business becomes more successful. Flexibility - professionalism - quick perception - creative development of solutions for customers are essential.

Sales Efficiency is designed so that both young and inexperienced sales people as well as experienced "old hands" gain and experience a sound structure and a new, broad view of what you do.

We would be happy to develop a "Sales Efficiency" training course together with you, adapted to the individual needs of your company and your employees.

Your benefit:

You train the role of the efficient sales employee. You know and experience the necessary mindset, formats and techniques of efficient and agile sales. You create the practical transfer of the essential contents. You reflect on successful and less successful sales activities.

Possible seminar contents:

Relationsship in the sales process:

Communication as the key - Pacing-Leading-Rapport - Analysis of personality types - Professional adjustment to different personalities - Perception instead of interpretation - face-to-face by phone / by videocall - Dooropening.

The "efficient distribution - what does it mean?

Adapt to the partner with determination and yet flexibility - the language of the customer
understand and speak. Present the USP of the company and transparently present one's own personality.

Structures for acquisition (cold):

On-the-point - Strategies for efficient questioning technique - BLUBZEWE - Pain-Points.

Basic structure for sales calls:

In-depth questioning technique - KAPENE, Argutechnik.

Structures for successful completion:

Objection handling - power talking - dealing with price pushers - pretext versus objection - benefit argumentation.

Formats for post-processing:

Cross-selling - customer benefits for sustainable relationship.