Decide, goal-oriented and confidently


In times of complex situations, agile colleagues in the company have to develop new solutions and make decisions. Such processes are often accompanied by uncertainty and insecurity. By working with an "uncertainty profile" for a decision situation, aspects are highlighted and it becomes clear which opportunities (and of course risks) can be found in an uncertain situation. Situations that are difficult to assess usually first cause us stress and discomfort on an emotional level. The uncertainty profile offers the possibility to reflect facts and feelings in a differentiated way. It is important to distinguish between uncertainty and insecurity.

For uncertain situations, we can create a risk assessment. For this purpose, we have data and experience from the past, which we extrapolate to the future. By analyzing the past, we can reduce the risk of the decision situation.
Acting under uncertainty, however, means that we have no usable past experience, many unknowns exist, and thus the risk cannot be calculated. This is a sign of complex situations.